太合娱乐集团(TAIHE ENTERTAINMENT GROUP)作为中国领先的影视娱乐产业运营商,以持续生产精品为核心,致力打造专业的电影营销发行平台和影院终端服务平台。

        As China’s leading operator in movie entertainment industry, TAIHEENTERTAINMENT GROUP focuses on producing works of excellence and is dedicated to develop platforms for film advertising & distribution and cinema terminal services. 


        Relying on its capability of data stimulus, TEG provides high-quality services for upstream and downstream corporations, in order to improve efficiency of the whole industry. By means of fund investment and international partnership, TEG has been working hard to expand its scale and influence. 


        Since it was founded in 1999, TEG has been integrating and innovating business covering film content development, production management, advertising & public praise maintenance, distribution service, rights procurement & sale service, cinema management service, membership management, ticketing system and financial service.TEG has invested and provided distribution services for hundreds of films, occupying a important share in film industry.


     TEG keeps producing works of excellence, including many great movies such as A World without Thieves, Gimme Kudos, the Sun Also Rises, Sophie's Revenge, the Butcher the Chef and the Swordsman, KORA, Olympus Has Fallen, Homefront, Lets’ Get Married, Deep in the Heart, Warcraft, Kaili Blues, Kung Fu Yoga and Forever Young, etc, which have gained exceptional box office and reputation. 


     "Supporting excellent directors" has always been the tradition, the strength and the vitality of TEG. For the past 20 years, Taihe Film has continuously developed original Chinese films by collaborating with China’s top directors, as well as supported many brightest new talents in China's film industry. From acclaimed ‘Fifth Generation’ directors such as Feng Xiaogang and Jiang Wen, to middle generation directors such as Lu Chuan and Wu Ershan, to China’s most sought-after young directors such as Du Jiayi, Li Fangfang, Xin Yukun and Bi Gan, many of their iconic works were produced and distributed by Taihe. Nowadays, Taihe develops 5~7 original films each year and is dedicated to continuously deliver works with artistic quality and commercial value. 

        太合娱乐集团拥有具备优质服务口碑和一流执行力的营销发行团队,年服务规模居行业前列。 2017年主发行项目《功夫瑜伽》票房超17亿,获得春节档冠军。太合不仅为《咱们结婚吧》、《功夫瑜伽》、《无问西东》等优质华语商业电影提供发行营销服务,同时也持续引进《垫底辣妹》、《攻壳机动队》、《冰雪大作战》等经典海外影片,并深度参与《转山》、《心迷宫》、《路边野餐》等华语艺术电影的宣传发行工作,均取得出色的票房成绩,成为经典营销案例。

        TEG Possesses an advertising and distribution team of professionalism and reputation, and their annual service scale has ranked top in the whole industry.The representative project, Kongfu Yoga acquired 1.7 billion box office and got the champion of Spring Festival. Not only Taihe provides advertising and distribution services for great Chinese commercial films such as Let’s Get Married, Kongfu Yoga and Young Forever, but also continuously imports classical oversea films such as Biri Girl, Ghost in the Shell, Snowtime and deeply involves distribution business for Chinese artistic movie such as KORA,Deep in the Heart and Kaili Blues.


      Based on big data resuorce of movie audiences, TEG is dedicated to develop the biggest professional cinema service platform in China.As the data interface and system provider, Taihe provides services for 2800+ cinemas, boasting 80 million+ memberships. Positioned to be the expert of establishing cinema-owned electronic business and membership management system, Taihe provides advanced electronic business and membership products for more than 200 theatre chains and cinema investment corporations and management services for 20 cinemas.Besides,Taihe deeply applies AI technology into film industry and enhances connection among producers, distributors and cinemas/investors/theatre chains. and offers real-time settlement services, financial balance management, big data and crowd-funding support for cinemas. 


        1st phase founded in 2013, 2nd phase started in 2016, Taihe Film Capital has overall managed near 1 billion RMB. It is the first professional film investment fund in China co-established with commercial bank.By cooperating with the world’s top film institutions, Taihe Film Capital has made clear investment strategies and thorough risk control system, aiming to become China’s most investment-worthy professional film investment fund. 



       Facing the future, TEG will continuosly enhance its core advantage, expand its market share and industry influence, and bering forth new ideas to improve the whole value of entertainment industry.